Revista Brasileira de Hematologia e Hemoterapia Revista Brasileira de Hematologia e Hemoterapia
Rev Bras Hematol Hemoter 2017;39:252-8 DOI: 10.1016/j.bjhh.2017.05.002
Original article
Quantitative flow cytometric evaluation of CD200, CD123, CD43 and CD52 as a tool for the differential diagnosis of mature B-cell neoplasms
Elissandra Machado Arlindoa,, , Natália Aydos Marcondesa,b, Flavo Beno Fernandesb, Gustavo Adolpho Moreira Faulhabera,b
a Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil
b Laboratório Zanol, Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil
Recebido 16 Fevereiro 2017, Aceitaram 02 Maio 2017

Distinction between mature B-cell neoplasms can be difficult due to overlapping of immunologic features and clinical manifestations. This study investigated whether quantifying mean fluorescence intensity of four monoclonal antibodies in a flow cytometry panel is useful for the differential diagnosis and characterization of these disorders.


The expressions of CD52, CD200, CD123 and CD43 were analyzed in samples from 124 patients with mature B-cell neoplasms. The quantitative estimation of these antigens was assessed by mean fluorescence intensity.


The cases included were 78 chronic lymphocytic leukemias, three atypical chronic lymphocytic leukemias, six marginal zone lymphomas, 11 splenic marginal zone lymphomas, nine lymphoplasmacytic lymphomas, six mantle cell lymphomas, two hairy cell leukemias, two hairy cell leukemias variant, five follicular lymphomas, one Burkitt lymphoma and one diffuse large B-cell lymphoma. The mean fluorescence intensity of CD200 was higher in atypical chronic lymphocytic leukemia, chronic lymphocytic leukemia and hairy cell leukemia cases. CD123 showed higher mean fluorescence intensities in hairy cell leukemia cells. Chronic lymphocytic leukemia, atypical chronic lymphocytic leukemia and mantle cell lymphoma had higher expression of CD43 and all follicular lymphoma cases had very low mean fluorescence intensity values. CD52 expression was consistently positive among all cases.


Quantitative evaluation of these markers can be a useful additional tool to better identify some types of mature B-cell neoplasms.

Mature B-cell neoplasms, CD200, CD52, CD43, CD123
Rev Bras Hematol Hemoter 2017;39:252-8 DOI: 10.1016/j.bjhh.2017.05.002